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Chronos n'existe pas

Ben is a young single man, young artist, melancholic and messy.
His day starts badly when two strangers being deceived about the apartment and they wake hem a little violently. Then following his daily which takes us to the meeting with a doctor a little too preachy, an oddly attractive neighbor, and an angry best friend.
Time passes, Ben forgot the most important. Because it is precisely this, the irony of life, we actually lost the ligne.


Director: Camille Wuillaume

Assistant Director: Rémi Sagot Duvauroux

Production manager: Guillaume Colin

Director of photography: Antoine Rousé

Sound: Elen Moalic

Visual Effects: Aurore Cloërec

Editing: Charly Fevre

Sound Editing: Gökay Gedik

Mix: Mathieu Toulemonde